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              Tens of thousands of VENDOR MERCHANTS want you to shop, shop, shop without a credit card or debit card. Why?  Because they DO NOT have to pay the CREDIT/DEBIT CARD MERCHANT any fees when you buy and they do not have to pay any monthly fees, and more importantly, there are not any unexpected service fees.  That is a BIG WOW.


    Guess what you get? YOU get up to 2% cash back on every purchase around the globe you make with CASH.


    Guess what else you get? YOU get up to 30% loyalty rewards deposited into your account. When the account is full, you get a check in the mail or deposited where you want it deposited. The most you can get deposited when you account is full (piggy bank) is $24,000. And, everytime you fill your piggy bank up thereafter you get $24,000. That is as well a pretty big WOW too.


    The VENDOR MERCHANTS also want you to tell others about this CASH BACK program where there are not any CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS. When you give a membership to another person, and they begin SHOPPING like you do, YOU will receive 1/2% of their entire purchases deposited into your account. This is another BIG WOW. There are other BIG WOW's, but we will discuss these other BIG WOW's later. Keep in mind, you get paid 1/2% for all members shopping that are direct and indirect to you. And, the 40,000 plus companies will thank you every time. All you have to do is watch your deposits in your account grow. How simple is that?

    We Pay It Forward donates to various NON-PROFIT foundations. Our current list of foundations include:

    Girls, Inc.

    Orange County Rescue Mission

    Hearts For The Homeless

    Los Angeles Rescue Mission

    March of Dimes

    Leukemia Society

    Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society

    California Medical Instrumentation Association

    Laurel House of Orange County

    Family Solutions of Orange County

    Paralyzed Veterans of America


                                   800.333.1157 - Office

    949.328.0126 Direct to me.


    To qualify as a FREE member you need to do one of the following two:


    1. Buy something. You can buy as little as a pack of gum or if you have the cash, buy a Lamborgini.


    2. Register a new member. You total cost. $1.50 WOW.


    One of the above actions get you a membership for life. This is only for a limited time.


    Thank you very much.



    Patrick Tarzian

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