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Click on the above picture to get a better view on the definitions of cryptocurrency.

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What is your wish? You can command me to bring new things to you and I will do as you wish. Click the Genie to see the story of the man that kicked the lamp on the beach.

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Click on the Archie Gang to calculate your earning in compound interest.
Can you imagine all the friends you know earning more than they ever have just by depositing a few dollars into a cryptocurrency contract account and watching their account grow every week beyond what they have in any stock, 401k, annuity, or savings account and earning maybe 1-3% annually and maturing in 40 years?

What if you could deposit say $1000 in a cryptocurrency mining account and earn 1-8% every week. Then at the end of 3 years it matured and you now have over $99,000.00. WOW.

And what if you could play games, clip coupons for the stores you shop at, take surveys and give your opinion, and other tasks then get paid to do this weekly?

Now when you get paid in Kala coin, a cryptocurrency, you can exchange it for dollars, use it to buy groceries, or if you prefer you can transfer these earning and deposit them in your cryptocurrency mining account and earn more and more and more. Think about this. You could help those that are not as fortunate as yourself.

If you told others about what you were doing you could help others that are struggling financially. Keep in mind, if you are so financially independent, it would be in your best interest and good Karma, to let others know how they can earn new income by just depositing as little as $25 into their mining contract program.

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This is so simple. Learn these basic pitches and you will help others that have not yet experienced the business of paying it forward. This is what it is all about. We Pay It Forward.

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